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Satisfied Clients

"What Ben's Clients Say!"

           REBECCA STREATFIELD, Carlisle, Cumbria

I couldn't have done it without your help, expertise & your support. I am so Grateful!! Thank you so much xx

IRENE PRIDMORE, Keswick, Cumbria

I started having PT sessions with Ben after I saw how much my husband benefited from his PT sessions. Although I have done exercise classes for many years, the personal training sessions make you try just that little bit more.

No two sessions are ever the same and he is very mindful of any injuries you may have (and I have had a few) and each session is tailored to take account of these. Although the sessions can sometimes feel hard I always feel really good after them and always thoroughly enjoy them and look forward to the next one. Ben pushes you just that little bit harder than you would push yourself if you were working out alone, and I surprise myself that I have managed to do some of the exercises. He always asks at the end of each session if you have any questions and takes time to listen to any you have. 

I have also found Ben's advice on diet and healthy eating very useful and feel so much better with making changes to the way I eat.

I am now much stronger and fitter thanks to Ben and I never thought I would have been able to bike up Newlands Pass and Honister Pass in Cumbria without putting my foot to the ground on my 63rd and 64th birthdays.

Ben is very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and I would recommend him to anyone who is thinking about having PT sessions. 

Irene Pridmore

Age 42, Keswick, Cumbria

I started working with Ben in October 2012 not really knowing what to expect. The first few sessions were really hard and I used to wonder what on earth I'd let myself in for but soon came to enjoy and look forward to them.

Ben makes each session slightly different so you never know what to expect but he always explains in detail what is going to happen next and ensures that you understand what to do.

Having the sessions at the Health, Fitness & Wellness Centre, with access to the gym floor, means that I have been able to try out new equipment and exercises that I would never have thought possible and so am constantly able to surprise myself.

Ben works hard to challenge me at each session and being in Keswick means that we've been able to go running in the park and round town-something I wouldn't have thought of doing last year.

Each session starts and finishes with a warm-up/down and stretches which are tailored to your individual needs and so if you have any specific problems Ben will work them into your programme. He always ends each session by asking if you have any questions and also makes himself available throughout the week to answer any queries.

Training with Ben is fun, challenging and worthwhile as he makes you feel as if you have achieved something new at the end of each session. When I first started training with Ben I didn't really have any concrete goals but as time has gone on I find myself setting targets to better and surprise myself.

I have learnt that to change your body you also have to change your eating habits and with Ben's knowledge and guidance I have made a few dietary changes and seen a noticeable change in my physique and have dropped 3 dress sizes. I have also gone on to tackle events such as 'Total Warrior' & 'No Ego' over the Cumbrian fells.

I would recommend Ben as a personal trainer to anyone.

Thank you so much Ben, you have helped change my life round!!

WILF PRIDMORE, Age 66, Keswick, Cumbria

For me, the benefits of exercise sessions with Ben are:-

1. IT HAPPENS. Without the discipline of planned sessions, I am certain I would not exercise as regularly as I do now.

2. IT’S EFFECTIVE. (1) A work-out with Ben is intense – there’s no finishing one routine and then referring to a schedule of routines before moving leisurely on to the next one – Ben moves me seamlessly and quickly from one to another to ensure maximum benefit from the time available.

3. IT’S EFFECTIVE. (2) Ben constantly monitors the technique used in the different routines to ensure maximum benefit from my not inconsiderable exertions.

4. IT’S INTERESTING. A varied programme for each session means that I never get bored – no two sessions are ever the same, so it’s easy to remain enthusiastic, and the time passes quickly.



We have been using Ben as our personal trainer, he makes all of our workouts varied and interesting so as to not get bored or lose interest. He is extremely motivational and will change your workout to ensure you are getting the most benefit from it.

Ben does not just measure your improvement in weight loss on the scales, he ensures that you have an all round body workout but will concentrate on specific areas if asked to do so to ensure you feel you are making the most of your training.

Ben at all times ensures you are happy with any exercises you are undertaking and makes sure you are completing them correctly so as to get the most benefit.

Most of all Ben's PT sessions are enjoyable and fun, we both feel motivated to exercise more due to his encouragement and professionalism, our stamina and fitness levels have improved 100% and we have no hesitation recommending Ben to any of our friends. He is just unbelievable, thank you Ben!!

Sue & Ian Plant

Keswick, Cumbria


Before my introductory personal trainer "taster" session with Ben I was quite apprehensive and had already decided that I probably would not book any sessions. However, when I met Ben he was very friendly and approachable and during the session I realized that having Ben as my personal trainer could add a lot of value to how I exercise.

I regularly attend group karate classes outside the gym and fitness classes at the gym however individual sessions with Ben provided the opportunity to focus on my weaknesses and areas for personal development. Furthermore, Ben ensures that the correct technique is used for safe exercise.

In addition, Ben has introduced exercises which I would never have considered tackling on my own such as using weights and incorporating the fitness ball into our sessions which has proved beneficial. I did try a weights class before working with Ben but it was not for me as I felt it too advanced and I was worried about doing the wrong technique and doing some damage to myself. I also enjoy the boxing as it gives me chance to get my own back!

Last (but by no means least for me), Ben has provided motivation to help push me that bit further as when I exercise alone it is far too easy to give up, cheat, take the easy route or not even go in the first place.

Whilst I wouldn't say I always enjoy every part of our sessions, afterwards I am always glad I went and eager to book the next session. I would recommend Ben as a Personal Trainer to people of all ages as he will create a tailored programme to help achieve your individual goals and objectives. However, I am suspicious of his watch as some of those 30 and 60 second bursts on the bike appear very long to me.


Despite the difficulties that my mobility problems can cause, Ben is always able to invent equipment for the job. Lastly, on a personal level, it touches me how helpful Ben is - keen to discuss nutrition, offering to help with shopping and, when we first met, devoting what must have been a significant amount of his personal, “after-hours” time to investigating new “eating regimes” for me. Thank-you for all your help Ben, you are a pleasure to know and work with.


If I was asked to write a check list of all the ideal attributes that you would wish to find in a personal trainer. Ben Jones ticks all the boxes. Ben is Extremely professional, knowledgeable, reliable and motivated towards helping his clients achieve their personal goals. 

My own experience of having Ben as my personal trainer started at the beginning of the year. He took time to understand what I was aiming to achieve, and to understand my recent health problems, in order to devise an exercise programme best suited to get me back on the road to fitness.

No mistake, the sessions can be extremely physically demanding, but with Ben’s encouragement, dedication and skill, and his expert knowledge and experience of when to change things around to keep things interesting, step up the pace, and encourage me to push myself harder, in a very short space of time I was amazed at how far I had come and how much I was able to achieve. I have Ben to thank for that.

As I said, getting fit can be hard work, but Ben is an excellent motivator, who is himself genuinely motivated by helping others achieve their goals. I look forward to enjoying many more training sessions with him, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to others, without hesitation.

Brian McCarthy.


Ben makes various claims, in his promotional material,and as one of his clients I can confirm that he has delivered on these promises.

With his advice and support, I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight and gone from a size 18 to a 14, as I have lost 5 inches off my waist and 6 inches off my hips. I am full of energy and have an enthusiasm for life which I didn't have before. I have found new confidence.

Ben has achieved this by providing me with fun workouts and a healthy eating plan. When I succeed at something new my self-confidence is increased. I never thought I would be boxing, rowing, jogging, spin biking, lifting weights and being able to achieve "the plank" but I now do all of these and more!

I am 62 and I was a bit unsure at first as to whether having a personal trainer was for people like me. Although I had joined the gym when I retired, I was actually putting on weight, due to comfort eating. However, from my first session with Ben I was put at ease by his professional and non-judgemental manner and I was not at all self conscious to be exercising with him even though I was obese, not very fit and in my sixties!

The healthy eating plan was carefully thought out so there was no waste and was tailored to fit my lifestyle. It contained many of my favourite foods which I had not eaten for a while but also some new ones that I had not eaten before.

Ben regularly checked to see how I was coping with it and he often did some "fine tuning" to make it even better. In between appointments, he sent encouraging texts regarding the workouts. I am impressed by his knowledge and his genuine desire to help me attain my goals.

My family and friends comment about my enhanced appearance, increased confidence and joy of life. I am amazed at my improved fitness level,better shape and weight loss. An added bonus is that I am sleeping better too. As I said at the beginning Ben keeps his promises and I am so glad that I entrusted him to be my Personal Trainer.

Wendy Rhodes 

WENDY RHODES age 63, Update.

Ben continued as my Personal Trainer until he left my area. At that time I felt that with Ben's advice my lifestyle had changed for the better.I felt GOOD, I was an acceptable weight, ate healthy food and exercised regularly.

However, 3 months later I was not doing so well. Various factors caused me to suffer the effects of stress. I was tearful and experiencing panic attacks.

I was over-eating again and trying to make myself better by 'over' exercising. Of course, it actually made me feel worse and I felt a failure. I needed some EXPERT help.

I approached Ben and he agreed to take me on as a correspondence client. He has provided me with a face-to-face consultation, an eating plan with the emphasis on 'feel good' foods and exercise programmes that change every month via the post. It all seems to be 'doing the trick' and my positive frame of mind is slowly returning.

Everything I wrote about Ben previously is still true but I wanted to add how adaptable and willing to take on a challenge he is. Also he seems to have genuine concern for his clients' well being.


I have been attending regular sessions with Ben since January 2008 and have found a huge improvement in my general fitness and sense of well being. Ben's sessions are always challenging and his ability to always motivate me and to push myself that little bit further each time is first class.

Thank you Ben for what you have done to help me.

Bernadette Rogerson


Thank you Ben for the personal training you have given Jane and I over the last few months. It really is amazing how much we have both progressed and to realize how much we did not know!To think that we have both been going to the gym on and off for years but never even really appreciated that technique is so important.

Jane is more than pleased with her new svelte figure and I must admit I am feeling a lot sharper! Thank you again we look forward to booking our next set of sessions.

Alex and Jane Ashcroft


I have always had a slim figure and never worried about putting on weight. I had never considered having a personal trainer, however when Ben did a fitness test on me I was shocked to see how unfit I was. I was breathless after only a few minutes on the step ups and felt very embarrassed.

Initially Paying for the sessions with Ben was a struggle but I learnt to do without other things that I used to buy out of habit and instead had the sessions with Ben. This is the best thing I have done. I notice a huge difference in my fitness levels and feel vitalized and de-stressed. I would recommend Ben as a Personal Trainer without hesitation.

Claire Matthews

It gives me a great pleasure to tell you about Ben Jones.

Being a passionate professional, Ben enthuses his energy to all around him treating everyone in the group as a unique individual encouraging all to do their very best to give that little more. For me Ben has instilled confidence, made exercising fun and give advice in an extremely proficient, positive manner. Ben Jones has pushed the boundaries providing group 'Personal Training' at the highest level. Over fifties we may be. Fabulous yes we are. Well done Ben.

DI MASSINGHAM, Keswick, Cumbria (Nifty Fifties & Over)

When we first saw the advert we thought why not give it a try. After our first class we knew this was for us. Ben Jones is GREAT he shows you how to do all the different exercises correctly plus how to breath properly which is important. Ben is enthusiastic and gives you lots of encouragement. We are fitter and more toned now; also we have made new friends. We look forward to our weekly classes.

EILEEN & SHEILA EDGAR, Thirlmere, Cumbria (Nifty Fifties & Over)

I always look forward to my Nifty Fifties class. Ben is an instructor who is professional, committed, conscientious and inspiring. The classes are challenging and hard work but Ben constantly encourages one to keep going and maintain the pace!

I feel really good after my class and have noticed a marked improvement in my general fitness.

There is a nice atmosphere in the classes and this can also be seen as a reflection of Ben's pleasant personality and leadership.

CAROL MUIR, Keswick, Cumbria (Nifty Fifties & Over)

I had been very worried about joining a class due to a series of recent knee and ligament operations. I went to a Core Stability class and when I explained my predicament Ben cheerfully said it would not be a problem. I admit that I was a little sceptical, but as the class progressed Ben showed me alternative exercises to do. I have now tried his Step Up - Tone Up class too and it was great! It has been really reassuring to know that I can attend any of Ben's classes knowing he will make sure that I am getting the results I want without damaging my knees and in a class environment. Thank You Ben as always for your amazing support.

MELANIE VINCENT, Cockermouth Cumbria (Step Up - Tone Up & Legs, Bums, Tums & Core)